Lilia Henkel

41st GAM Jr. Amateur Stroke Play Medalist and Match Play Champion

About Me

Hi! My name is Lilia Henkel. I am a 17 year old senior in the class of 2021 from Grand Rapids, MI. I have been playing the game since I was 5 years old and entered tournament play when I was 10. Golf is a huge part of my life. I can never get enough of the feeling of hard work paying off. There is always a new challenge and goal to face that will push me to be the best I can be. In addition to the game, the people I get to meet through the game are incredible, and the relationships and game last a lifetime. Outside of golf, I am an avid learner. I plan to take my education the furthest it can go just like my golf game. I am dedicated and very persistent on and off the course, but I am lighthearted and love making people laugh and smile too. I hope this gives you insight into who I am and what I have to offer.